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Facepunch topic; “Shoving your interests in our faces.”

This is a puzzling statement to me. Let me tell you why: 

  • Avatars: Facepunch and/or Steam; The option to select a custom avatar. Automatically a person would select something that interests them. Everything goes as long as it doesn’t break the Terms of Use.
  • Custom sprays/decals in Source Multiplayer games; Basically the same as avatars. You would automatically select an image of something you like and anything goes as long as it doesn’t break the Terms of Use. 
  • Custom descriptions on Steam; Of course you have to shove your interests in other people’s faces. Otherwise they wont know if you’re a person of friend material. 

There’s probably even more customizable stuff around Facepunch and Steam that I forgot, but I bet you get the point. 

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